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Responsive Web Design Importance for your Business

Responsive Web Design Importance for your Business

A responsive web design is something which you must consider while making a new site. As, you’ve noticed that Google has already declared a deadline, i.e., April 21. It would include mobile-friendliness of a site into the ranking algorithm. This means that websites that are non-mobile-friendly would have low rankings. It will be a major update from Google. It will affect a huge number of people. In case you’ve been delaying in these months then you should take action and you need to make it sure that you would follow this deadline to prevent the site from getting affected because of these major alterations. If you want to reach your target audience then your business site should follow some trends. Now, there is a huge number of people who are using mobile phones and thus mobile web is covering more than 50 percent of the web traffic.

Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right.Andy Clarke, CEO at Stuff & Nonsense Ltd

It is said that responsive web design is now compulsory. It’s an approach where a site is designed as well as coded so that it gives you maximum viewing experience. This gives an ease of navigation and reading on various devices (from tablets, desktop PCs, to cellular phones). For example, when a person visitsyour site from his or her mobile phone then the website must fit on the small screen.

What Are Advantages Of The Responsive Web Design?

User Experience

These days, the number of cellular users is increasing day by day. And, it is to give the best experience to them. If you have a site which supports the business is superb, but if your website customers do not find the exact information that they need easily as well as quickly then the website needs to be changed because the visitors would prefer to connect with the responsive site.

Google Ranking Enhancement

If you’ve happy and satisfied visitor then you can get more advantages from Google. We have stated earlier that Google is focusing on the user’s experience in order to make it sure that it is easy to access the sites from all kinds of devices. And, Google always prefers the responsive web design as this allows crawling your site which has just one HTML and URL for the mobile as well as the desktop website. Thus, Google might index and crawl both of these more efficiently. This is much easy for the visitors to share and connect with the content even if there’s just one URL and site. In the opposite case, the visitors would go somewhere else. Hence ranking of the business site would definitely bounce.

Higher Conversions

The major target of each business is to enhance its conversion rate. The latest research has revealed that almost 497 million cellular connections as well as devices were added in the year 2014. Across the world, latest devices have represented 26% of the cellular connections and devices in 2014. They have accounted for 88% of cellular data traffic.

Any responsive web design permits the visitors to fulfill the conversion much easily and faster quickly from any kind of device. If users do not have a site which is working on the tablet or mobile devices then they would be unable to change. It leads them to leave the website.

SEO Friendly

When you’ve 2 different sites that is desktop and mobile then you need to manage the SEO campaign for both of them. It is complex, costly and does not create a good result. If you have just one SEO campaign and one site then it will save your time as well as money. This will make your customers satisfied too.

It is better to stay ahead of alterations and enhance visual identity of the site with a good responsive design. Nowadays, responsive is just not a trend rather a responsive web design is mandatory as well. By giving a good experience to the target audience, you would enhance many chances of the engagement.

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